hey friends, first off thank you. thank you for showing up and taking the time to want to know a little bit more about me. I’m quite the open book if i’m being honest because let’s be honest, we are all stumbling through life together. No matter what age, gender, career, we are all going through a lot of similar struggles (although we are hesitant to admit).

currently, I am back in detroit from Nashville & la (i’m not very good at staying in one place). here you will find me talk about my passions because to be honest, it’s just what I talk about best. that being said, I love quite a few things & love them deeply. Jesus, my family, my fiancé (and photographer) Evan, our golden pups, plants, makeup, essential oils / non-toxic living, flowers, traveling, singing, fashion (the cozy, trendy kind), trader joe’s & yoga. okay, maybe I love a lot of things (and yes, I probably do too much). somehow, all of it blends together seamlessly & i’m slowly figuring out how god has put together each puzzle piece.

being in the world of “influencers” isn’t simply just made up of getting free things & looking good. to be honest, in the beginning I was convinced that it was all it’s cut out to be. but, here I am still chugging along on this journey of growth professionally & emotionally. i’m a type 2 on the enneagram and have days where I’m 100% introverted, but when it comes down to it I live for intentional conversations & friendships. if I can “influence” or teach you to do/be anything, I hope it’s to make everyone feel like they are greeted with a warm hug. if the world can focus more on all the things we have in common, I think we could all appreciate each other’s why and hard work a little more - create a much happier place.

i’m so much happier to share more of my story, but that’s all for now. thank you for being here, you are so appreciated.