Ellie Active Wear | My Thoughts On New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New You...right? 

Everyone loves a fresh start, nothing to look back at quite yet and a blank canvas to paint your new year. It truly does feel so great. We can all set our New Year's resolutions, but we can also all agree that they will quickly become forgotten. Goals like losing weight or being on your phone less are all great, but sometimes you have to remember to look at the big picture!

Transform your lifestyle. Shift your perspective.

No matter what your New Year's goal may be, I know it's a good one. A little shift just may need to happen to make it realistic. Ever since running the SeaWheeze half marathon in August, my motivation for working out seems to be a little drained. Before the new year I was able to pick it back up, but now with a fresh new year, I am back to living an all-around healthy lifestyle. I get it, towards the end of the year we all get a little bit exhausted and lack motivation, especially when it comes to exercising. I really think this happened because I shifted my perspective.

I guarantee that your resolutions for 2018 go beyond exercising, and I bet that it'll be a bit challenging to shift your perspective. This is definitely something I'm still trying to figure out too. One of my biggest goals of 2018 is to be more consistent. Whether that's with giving myself more "me" time, listening with the intention to understand not answer, challenging myself with The Wildflower Words, reading the Bible and worshiping God, decision making, or simply loving unconditionally, I know I can be much more consistent. Ultimately a goal for myself going into this year is to sacrifice and serve others, which goes hand in hand with being consistent. When I lack consistency it affects the friends, loved ones, and strangers I see every day. Going into 2018 I am realizing that my goals aren't going to be reached with each individual action, but as a whole. That's where shifting your perspective comes into play.

Considering we are approaching the end of January, we are able to observe where we are with our goals. The big and the small. My 2018 hasn't been going accordingly (that's life, right?!) but what I can see is that I am on the path to achieving my goals. I truly think it's because of this alteration. Opening your mind and heart to change is an uncomfortable thing to do, I get it. That's why reaching your goals is ultimately up to you. No one else can help you if you aren't willing to face your (and everyone else's fear), change. Facing vulnerability to open up and look at your life through new eyes isn't easy for everyone. Setting your goals and taking a step back to look at the positives of the process will serve you in more ways then you can imagine (and yes, I know this isn't always an easy thing to do). Shifting your perspective every day will open new ways to achieve your goals, but like I said it's up to you. Wildflower, you can go beyond the goals you set for 2018. I know it. 

Trust the journey.

That being said, I know that the most popular resolution that you may be working with (or against) is losing weight or gaining an overall healthier lifestyle! I know the perfect little bit of motivation that you can add to your routines. Ellie Active Wear, a monthly subscription box of the cutest athletic clothes. You can either get three ($39.95/mo) or five ($49.95/mo) new pieces of workout clothes every month - talk about motivation! I get these every month and ever since the first month I got it, I always end up being motivated and working out the same day. You will LOVE it! See the photos below to see what I got in December's box. 

Moral of the story, I challenge you to serve something greater than yourself this year and be conscious through the process. This may be a little ramble session at this point, but my goal was to inspire and motivate you and I hope I did just that! 

xx - Kazmira

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