Wilmington, North Carolina

Sunny. Breezy. Salty. 

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

A few months ago, my S.O. and I got to road trip over to Wilmington, North Carolina for my last college spring break EVER (I am graduated now, super weird). We had the chance to bring our pup, Finn, and stay with his family by the beach! What a life. I am quite a spontaneous person, and I love being able to hop in the car and go somewhere new. We weren't going to travel anywhere that week, but the night before we left we "planned" to go and decided it was the right thing to do. One thing I must say is that I had no idea what North Carolina was going to look like. 

Were there going to be palm trees? Are there mountains? Will the ocean be driving distance? Walking distance? Clearly, I was pretty unsure of what I was signing up for, but if the word ocean is involved, I'm there. I mean, North Carolina isn't somewhere I thought I was going anytime soon, but I can easily says it is one of my favorite states that I have visited so far. 

There was palm trees, sandy beaches, mountains (on the drive home), and the ocean was just a hop, skip, and a jump away. We also had the chance to take the boat over to an island and hangout on the island for the day, I got a little crispy, but it was so peaceful. I practiced some yoga flows with the ocean beside me and sand in between my fingers, it was too good to be true. NC the perfect mix of everything. You have the ocean & the mountains, what more can you really ask for? Plus, I saw a DOLPHIN on the boat ride to Bald Head Island. When you dream of being mermaid and have been land locked for three years this is a big deal. 

Bald Head Island made you feel like you were living in a story book. The only "vehicles" on the island were golf carts and the beautiful homes were breath taking. I honestly don't have enough words to explain the beauty of North Carolina. I must say, everything about it was more than I could have ever expected. The photos are stunning, but you need to go smell that fresh air and hear the squeaky sand for yourself. Wildflower, do yourself a favor and book a flight, get a rental car, or just get in your car and go visit this magical place. 

The magical, Bald Head Island.

North Carolina is darling. So are you. 

I can't wait until I am there again and I am feeling it'll be sooner than later. The ocean is calling. Go be a wildflower. 

xx - Kazmira

Textiles: Aerie Swimwear

Photography: Evan Davies Photography & Me

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