I am Aerie Real

Show your curves girl. Own em'

So as we all know, today's society is a little confused. Girls think that they need to look like skin and bones to be beautiful, but my word are they wrong. I will say there is a difference between being fit and being skinny, but either way it's time us ladies get it together and realize our natural beauty. One company that has really opened my eyes the past 6 years is Aerie. 

Aerie is all about strutting what your mama gave you, without editing out your stretch marks or cellulite. It's about time all companies do this. Even with most of their clothing being lingerie, they still don't edit out any blemishes on the models. It just feels more real. They are the perfect example of how we all need to stop trying so hard to be "perfect" and recognize the beauty in our "flaws." 

Clothing details below - #AerieReal

I openly admit that I have been there, and still struggle from time to time, but then remember that I am #AerieReal. I can remember all the way back to my volleyball days in high school up until a few weeks ago, where I would look in the mirror and be unhappy with the way I look, my legs especially. My legs have always been something I haven't been able to love on my body, but the past few years in my life I have realized one thing. Looking thin isn't what makes you beautiful. At the end of the day, no one cares what size jeans you wear. They care about your personality, intelligence, interests, and conversations. Your friends and family can't make connections with the number on your jeans. They can make a connection with you. As cliche as it may sound, you are not your jean size. 

Yes, I exercise to stay fit, not to go down clothing sizes. I find fitness very important for mental and physical health, so it's just a part of my lifestyle. I can easily say that Aerie has helped me grow so much as an individual. The inspiration from their models that aren't a size 0, that have rolls, cellulite, and stretch marks is unbeatable.

Let me tell you, your confidence shines through much brighter than anything else, you just have to love yourself. Not too hard, right? Now a days I love my stretch marks and the jiggle in my legs more than ever. I still get dressed up and go have fun and feel beautiful, plus no one is gonna not hangout with me because of what my legs look like. Trust me, they won't do that to you either (if they do, you shouldn't be friends with them anyway - they don't deserve your presence). Do I have days that are more challenging than others? Yes, absolutely. But ya know what, I love myself and all the flaws that come with. 

You may say, how can she just get in front of a camera in her bra and underwear and be okay? I'll tell you why. It's because I stopped caring what other people thought. If you have a problem with my stretch marks, I am sorry you feel that way. This photo shoot was definitely something I have never done or had the confidence to do, but thanks to Aerie, I was beyond ready. I have been personally inspired by some of my favorite Aerie girls (@sassyredlipstick, @iskra, @juliebeekman - check them all out asap), who are simply beautiful and killin' the game. Now it's my turn to inspire YOU. I hope these photos inspire you to be Aerie Real, to let your light shine beyond what you think you look like.

Your beauty marks, cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, and whatever else you find as a flaw are minuscule to the light you shine.

Wildflower, embrace your beauty. Your story is unlike anyone else's, indulge in it. Love yourself.

xx - your wildflower friend, Kazmira

Textiles: Aerie - Boho Plunge BraletteBrooke Pushup Bra (similar), Everyday Loves Lace Cheeky (similar), Side Tie Short (similar),

Photography: Evan Davies Photography

Accessories: My Name Necklace

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