Jessica Olie | jewelry + yoga

Jessica Olie, realistically a stranger but feels like a close friend. Jessica was born in South Africa and currently lives across the seas in Dubai, and WOW her accent is incredible. I love to hear peoples stories, and after reading and following Jessica's story, it's obvious to me that she's a hidden gem. She has lived in seven different countries and as of 2014 has discovered the truest expression of herself; yoga. Her discovering of yoga has been inspiring. 

After following Jessica's story on Instagram, I have realized one thing about her. She is not afraid to just let go, which is the fear a lot of people face. When she gets on her mat, she flows to her breath and forgets about the numerous things that are trying to hop on her mat with her. The best part is that she flows for herself and moves on her mat according to what her body is feeling, she doesn't move in a particular sequence. That's something that I still struggle with, and haven't successfully done quite yet. When I step on my mat, I let go of my worries, but when I begin to flow freely, the fear of "not knowing what I'm doing" comes into play. The thing is, it doesn't matter, and that is something that I look to Jessica for.

Her Instagram videos of her practicing inspires me to let go even more than I do now, and I highly suggest you check out her feed @jessicaolie ASAP. Trust me, it won't be hard to get inspired, especially with her dreamy jewelry line that she recently launched. I mean how beautiful is it...I want all of it! 

Jessica's Jewelry line has collections based her jewelry off of Iris, Chemical, Galaxy, Ethereal, and Mantra. Incredible, I know. Through Jessica's brainstorming and idea of creating her own jewelry she expressed that she questioned everything she was doing, but WOW am I happy she followed her dreams. There is a handful of jewelry lines that channel my inner goddess, and this is definitely one of them. Not only is each piece of jewelry unique and stunning, but the meanings behind each piece makes them even more magical. Although I don't own anything quite yet (simply because I can't decide what I want first), I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces and their meanings.

Ahhh, I am so obsessed with this earring pin, and the meaning really gets me. 

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter associated with dreaming + learning. Let these earrings be a reminder to always learn from every experience that life gives us.

I believe that everyone in the world should walk around with this earring of Jessica's because we can all use a reminder to learn from every experience we have, even the bad. 

Alright, I am also in love with this piece too. 

The moon itself embodies feminine energy, the cycle of life and the in between of light from the sun and darkness. This delicate but strong anklet is a reminder that like the moon waxes and wanes, everything is part of a cycle of change. Each phase of the moon has a different affect on us.

Crescent moon: symbolizes growth, creativity and new beginnings. That thing you've always wanted to do, start planning.

Half moon: its time to take action and manifest those dreams and wishes you have been thinking about.

Full moon: During this powerful time, energies are in abundance. The lunar energies pea and emotions are high. This is a time where the light shines on all things in the shadow, revealing the beauty that hides from the light.

This anklet is pure magic. Not only is it hard to find a dainty moon phase anything, but it's hard to find an anklet that you adore. Jessica nailed this one for sure, so dreamy. This piece is also available in a choker, which I would also love to have in my accessories collection.

I clearly adore what Jessica Olie stands for and her new jewelry line (I mean who wouldn't). I truly think that she's a bundle of inspiration that's been placed in this world, and I am thankful for the friendship that she offers. I invite you to follow @jessicaolie and be inspired to free flow on your mat, maybe even follow a dream that is still an idea. 

Thanks Jessica for being a goddess, keep shining. 
xx - Kazmira

Please share your favorite pieces with me in the comments below!

Photos: Courtesy of Jessica Olie