Sephora Event + Too Faced National Artists

Talk about heaven!

Last Saturday, I was in heaven when I stepped foot into Green Hills Sephora in Nashville, TN.  First off, I told myself I wasn't supposed to go to the mall but I knew this event was happening at Sephora so I couldn't resist. After a little bit of convincing, I talked Evan into going with me (what a guy)! Then, poor friend Lex met us for the event. Yes, Evan ended up being very bored.

Fast forward through a pit stop in Madewell, and you heard Sephora's DJ from a few stores down. I was SO excited. This event was with Too Faced Cosmetics and their national team of makeup artists for the launch of the new Chocolate Gold Eye Pallete. When you walk the DJ was on your right blaring (in a good way) the best throwback tunes, straight ahead was the chocolate gold backdrop for your #toofaced selfies, to the left was a little station of goodies that you got on the way out (if you spent a certain amount), and there was beauties from the Too Faced team everywhere. It was basically a dream.  

After wandering around aimlessly, overwhelmed with all of the greatness (seriously look at the pictures below), I met the CUTEST girl Abigail. She was basically an energizer bunny with cute hair and amazing makeup, and was definitely one the sweetest and most helpful girls I met there! She then sent me off to get a Too Faced makeover with one of the national stylists Spencer. You bet I happily followed her and used that makeup remover wipe! I was so ready for it. 

Now let me tell you about Spencer. He was so glittery and amazing. He gave me a full makeover with all of the Too Faced goodies and we talked about everything from his new Mercedes to Lex's latest car mishap. He was an incredible artist and I loved his finished look on me, not to mention how down to earth and real he was! Now, on to the makeup. I was coming in for a new foundation and had already planned to get the Too Faced foundation Born This Way to try it out. I ended up being able to try out so many more products, even the new Chocolate Gold palette. I was seriously so happy.  

Spencer started me off with the Primed Poreless primer, which was so silky yet light all at the same time. We then moved on to putting on Born This Way. This foundation was everything I thought it would be, full coverage but still hydrating. Once my face was set, we started branching out to the new chocolate gold line. Spencer added the Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer which is actually infused with real gold and WOW, it was amazing! He topped off my face with the Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder and we moved on to the eyes. The Chocolate Gold palette wasn't only beautifully pigmented, but it smelt like real chocolate and also had real gold infused in it. Long story short, Spencer did his magic on my eyes and ended up asking me what one color would I probably not use. I quickly answered the green shade (Money Bags) because I couldn't see myself wearing green on the daily, but he proved me wrong. He mixed Money Bags with the purple tone (Livin' Lavish) to create this beautiful bronze glow to complete the look under my eye. He then finished the whole look with the Better Than Sex Mascara, which I have used for years and the Too Faced Melted Matte in the color "Suck It" which I loved. A couple sprays of the Hangover 3-1 Setting Spray and I was good to go! 

Look at all the beautiful things I got to try!

All of these beauties are linked below (including a few that aren't pictured)!

I basically walked into Sephora ready to get a new foundation and ended up getting quite a bit more than that (stay tuned for my vlog going live tomorrow), including some amazing freebies, not to mention the great new look I got! I was a little bummed I decided to not go to the class earlier that morning but man was I happy to be there. I was seriously in a dream. So my advice to you is to not be afraid to go to an event alone because I sure as heck wish I did! To my fellow Nashvillians, I was told that they will be back in August so if comment below if you would like to join me! 

This impromptu trip to Sephora left me so inspired I actually came home and filmed a new vlog for you! I talked more about my experience there and shared everything I bought and received from Too Faced. I obviously loved the whole experience so much, so be sure stay tuned on my YouTube channel for tomorrows vlog!

You definitely want to see all the things I got...such beauts!


xx, Kazmira