Five Fall Fashion Tips

Hey friends,

Today I’m gonna share some of my fall fashion tips with you!

I’m gonna keep this short and simple so ya actually read it all the way (hah). If you don’t know, I am ALWAYS cold, and these five fashion tips help me feel like I’m a polar bear but not look like it. So here they are:

one: l a y e r s

When I say layers, I mean more than two. Two I do on the daily, but when it comes to fall (especially this year) I’m into all the layers. Here I am wearing jeans from Just Black Denim, which are literally the comfiest jeans I own. I then have on a Free People long-sleeve Henley Thermal in mustard, a black turtle neck knit sweater from the men’s section of Zara, paired with a thrifted, oversized Levi Denim Jacket! I think any oversized knit sweater will work here, and having it big and cozy is highly suggested. All ya need are some cute booties and your favorite shade of lipstick and you’re good to go!

two: t e x t u r e s

This is usually my go-to outfit on days you wanna embrace fall and hold onto summer all at the same time. Mixing textures is where it’s at on these days. Mixing a fun sweater or poncho with fringe, get some ripped denim (mine are from Just Black Denim), pair it with some velvet shoes (mine are from Jon Josef), and throw in a leather handbag as the final touch! boom, boom, boom - you will be able to have the perfect fall look on a warm day! You may even feel good enough to do the Michael Jackson move.

three: embrace the fall colors

Plain & simple, don’t be afraid to wear orange or red because the trees may match you, or because it’s the “typical” fall color. Embrace that color because it’ll pop even more! Whether it’s a vintage rust orange graphic tee or a bright orange blouse, just let it happen.

four: get yourself a fun jacket

If there is one thing in my closet that I get the most complements on, it’s this Golden Quills Military Parka from Free People. Let me tell ya, that bad boy is worth every penny. It is not only BEAU-tiful, it’s warm and oversized, which means perfect for layering! This is the perfect example of feeling like a polar bear, but not looking like one.

five: blazers & bells

I’m not one for going outside of my comfort box when it comes to fashion. Don’t get me wrong I have some pretty bold pieces, but blazers aren’t typically my thing. BUT, I fully believe that this fall/winter, you’re gonna need a blazer. Two pieces are B A C K and better than ever, to be honest. I paired this Armani blazer jacket (thrifted, crazy I know), with not only a bell sleeve shirt but bell bottom jeans from Free People. I felt business casual, meets holiday party, meets a cool girl outfit. Highly suggest going this route for a night out this fall or even winter!

That’s all I got for you tonight! That’s my general rule of thumb when it comes to fall fashion, especially when winter sneaks up on ya quick.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through the struggle of finding balance in life! I will be posting more blogs, but comment below if you prefer videos on my YouTube channel instead :)

xx, Kazmira