Hometown Hero @ Madewell Detroit

Madewell in Detroit, MI..

honestly didn’t think that sentence would ever exist.

One busy day in December, as I shuffled through the holiday emails I saw one that said “madewell” in the subject line, but not like a sale email. So we all know that I clicked that REAL quick! not only did they want to feature me as a blogger and YouTuber, they wanted to recognize me as a small business owner. mad props to madewell for that one.

being the hometown hero was honestly a dream come true, and one that I probably wouldn’t of even thought of for myself. at least not for many years in the future. needless to say the night was a blast. i got to mingle with those shopping around detroit for the holidays, and I even got to take my flower cart @solandseed and gift the first 10 shoppers with a bouquet. I mean, how cute is that! while I was there, I also got to have a rack out with my favorite picks and styles that were out. That was definitely one of my favorite parts, and like I said never thought i’d be recognized at this level. also, I definitely wish I got to take home every item on my rack.

anyways, I can ramble on and on about how I still can’t believe that this actually happened, but I figured i’d let the photos do the talking! so so blessed and inspired by this experience.

In all honesty, i had about three of these cookies.

In all honesty, i had about three of these cookies.

thanks for taking a second to read this little madewell blog! can’t wait to share more with you soon :) xx, kazmira

Skirt - madewell corduroy a-line mini skirt

shirt - hope ave boutique

boots - Thursday boots (similar), leather highline boots

photos by - Evan Davies photography