First Gathering - September 2018

Commonflower Gatherings

Together at the Table

Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t know about? Like you knew in this season of a life a part of you was missing, but you didn’t know what it was. Commonflower Gatherings is exactly that for me.

Our first gathering we decided to put together without asking any questions and really doing whatever it took to make it happen. We asked some of my friends in the blogging industry, as well as some of Richelle’s (my biz partner) friends and honestly, we’ve just been beyond blessed ever since. somehow tickets have still been selling out anywhere between less than 24 hours and 36 hours - it’s crazy to me.

so, here’s a little glimpse of our first ever commonflower gathering.

p.s. we somehow got Anthropologie to allow us to use all of their home items for our table ware (say wahhhhtt).

the food - by Megan, the culinary nest

as always, a huge shout out to Evan (my fiancé) & Jon (Richelle’s husband). it would literally be such a struggle without them. plus, Evan took all of these photos & I am forever grateful for his talent.