Primally Pure & All It's Beauty

Ingredients: fewer is better

Ohhhh my gosh friends, this stuff is amazing. The smell, the feeling, the effectiveness, the ingredients! The smell and how well it works is one thing, but knowing that they skipped the toxic chemicals is what's even more empowering. I can use Primally Pure's deodorant knowing that it's okay to use because it's non-toxic..I mean that's amazing. Deodorant is honestly something that I don't think people ever really think about when in reality we're putting chemicals right into our body. Working with Primally Pure has opened up my eyes to what we're using on a day-to-day basis that's FULL of chemicals.

Anyways, let's take a second to talk about the eucalyptus and lavender body butter cause oh my word, it's incredible.  I mean everyone loves body butter right? I would 10/10 suggest treating yourself to a body butter because well, it's magical. After I shave, I pull this bad boy out and it honestly just makes me so happy!

The flower bath salts are also a dream. It's definitely called balance and soften for a reason, my skin feels soooooo good after I use those in a bath! I was honestly never into bath salts, and this was the first time I felt good and comfortable using them in my bath. I must say, they're a real game changer (especially when I add in a couple drops of my essential oils)! Primally Pure's products are so great because they are affordable AND easily attainable...gotta love that.

Something I obviously haven't been using is the beard oil. No beards here haha, but Evan has been using it and serously loving it. I've bought him at LEAST three different beard products, and he's never loved one as much as Primally Pure's. He says, "It feels very natural and not like I'm putting something aggressive on my face, which is the best part." Lightweight and honestly smells soooooo good. Plus, no one likes kissing a scratchy beard so hook up your boo. 

I feel like places like bath & body works are loved so hard, which is great...BUT I just think that we should all pay a little bit more attention to what we are putting into our body. You just never even think about it unless its brought to our attention, which ya know is scary. So why not support a small business that uses 100% natural products, just makes sense to me. I mean I know that we just don't live in a non-toxic world but deoderant is a pretty replacable item.

I enourage you all to replace one toxic item that you use everyday, as big or as small as you like! You WILL notice a difference. 

We can't be perfect, but we can try to make a change! 

so happy i'm back, love you wildflowers - xx, kazmira