24 Hour Self-Guided Tour Of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

what should you expect about Barcelona?

when we started telling friends and family we were going to barcelona, we were getting such mixed reviews on people loving it and hating it. honestly, it made me unsure on how to feel which really worked out for the better because I visited with no expectations. from my experience traveling, i honestly think going into new locations & cultures with zero expectation is the best way to travel. Much like our day-to-day, we can so easily get caught up in what we want our day to be like, instead of living in the moment. you definitely don’t want that to be how your trip ends out, do you? full of wishes instead of the experiences.

this trip i really tried to remember every inch of the trip. not going to lie, it was our honeymoon so it was a little hard to not feel like i was living in a fairy tale, but there’s no doubt i tried my hardest. the air, sand, rocky beaches, bubblies on the beach, taste of the sea, rocky boat rides, endless pastries - imagine being present enough to remember every aspect of what your trip was like.

so, i guess if we’re being literal i’d say expect insane architecture, tapas, & wine just about very meal of the day. however, i’d really suggest to expect nothing at all.

now, let’s get to that 24 hour travel guide

We had pretty much 24 hours in barcelona, and we have a late start. we didn’t start this self-guided walk (that we just made up as we went) until until the afternoon. after not being prepared for what we are about to do, i’ve compiled a list of a few things you may want to think about. i will say, we probably could’ve squeezed in more spots, but we like to actually enjoy them not just walk past them.

what i suggest to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes, obvious but don’t forget them

  • water! you have to pay for water everywhere in barcelona, so fill up your own reusable bottle before you leave your hotel or airbnb

  • euros - I would definitely exchange some cash into euros before you leave the airport area because there really isn’t a good place to do it in the city, and not everywhere takes card (although most do - better safe than sorry). this is especially important if you want to do tours!

  • a good camera. there are sooo many architectural sites by gaudí along this guide

  • any tickets to site seeing! if you purchased any tickets before hand i would bring them printed out. we didn’t know that you had to purchase tickets beforehand or else it will sell out, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see inside many places. however, i did see a lot of people carrying around their ticket, so do it old school & print it out!

  • maybe a fanny pack or small purse, much better than a heavy backpack and will make the walks much easier. you want to make sure it’s something you’ll be able to manage because barcelona is known for pick pocketing & many locals there reiterated that to us!

  • AN external battery charger if you have one, that’d be very helpful.

alright, cool. you should be solid with those things. now lets get to walking!

for this self-guided tour around barcelona we used their public transportation! it is very easy to get around, and google maps can connect to it to help you get on the right train. you probably should do this or you will be walking even more & will waste your precious site seeing time. we got a 24 hour pass at the airport.

i wouldn’t recommend renting a car in this city!


SELf-guided walking tour around barcelona:

Stop one: nomad coffee

stop one because you need to be fueled for what’s to come. jk, it’s not that hard thanks to the public transportation!

nomad coffee has two different locations, we went to just the coffee shop not the roasting plant. you can find the other locations here.

I highly suggest their latte.

Location: Carrer de Pujades, 95, 08005 Barcelona


Stop two: gothic quarter

gothic quarter is what you see all over pinterest and instagram when you search barcelona. this place was soooo beautiful to walk through. the neutral tones that make up the narrow streets were beyond anything i could have imagined. this is somewhere you really just walk through to shop, eat, and get to the next place.

when to go: i would suggest going early, especially if you want photos without people. It was VERY busy by the time we got there (around 1).

location: you can just type in “gothic quarter”

Stop three: barcelona cathedral

you will walk right into the barcelona cathedral from the gothic quarter. you may even think its la sagrada, and don’t worry this is nothing compared to la sagrada (although it’s still beautiful). here we decided to take a moment to embrace the culture that lies within those walls, instead of a selfie. this beauty broke ground in 1298 and you can feel it’s beauty.

when to go: it’s free to enter if you go during the week between 8:30 am to 12:30 pm or 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm. if you don’t it’s only. 3 euros and you get a 360 view of the city on the roof! we didn’t go in, but i imagine it’s quite the experience.

location: Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Stop four: Arc de Triomf

this arc was just a quick pit stop type of deal on the way to ciutadella park. the arc is such a beautiful entrance!

when to go: you can see this anytime during the day!

location: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona, Spain (entrance to parc de la ciutadella)

stop five: parc de la ciutadella

I loved this park, it actually used to be a prison in barcelona. i would highly suggest bringing your lunch to the park and enjoying it by the waterfall! there were people dancing, friends riding bikes, and local artists throughout the park too!

when to go: since this is a decent size park you can honestly go at any time of the day. i would obviously suggest to go during the day so you can see the beauty in all of it’s glory!

location: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


stop six: sagrada familia

this. place. is. breathtaking. i can’t even explain the size of this church. this is like the holy grail of spain. it’s been under construction for over a century, but it’s beauty does not fail! When La Sagrada Familia is completed, it will have 18 towers. 12 of the towers will represent the apostles, four of them will represent the evangelists, one will be designated for the Virgin Mary, and of course the last one, the highest one in the middle, will represent Jesus Christ. However, right now there are only eight towers. (i just learned this as i typed this blog & wow, very cool).

when to go: you should definitely go during the day to see all of the detail and beauty, BUT i will say you definitely need to book this one in advanced! we wanted to try to go in, but we didn’t realize it would be sold out two weeks out! so like i said, you’ll want to get a ticket online.

location: Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona


stop seven: Park Güell

Cheetah girls, cheetah sisters..ya know?! park güell is where they filmed that movie! this is one of the most famous spots that Gaudí designed, he actually lived in this house. we sadly didn’t get to go in because they weren’t letting anyone come in until 9 and we had dinner reservations at 9:30pm. since we didn’t go in, i don’t have photos of inside the park showcasing the beauty, so i suggest looking it up if you don’t understand my cheetah girls reference. we could have timed this walking guide better, but now i am doing that for you so you don’t make the same mistakes we did. the photo below is from the top of the mountain that park güell sits on, definitely worth the hike.

when to go: go during the day before it get’s too full or closes! there is free entry from 6AM to 8am or 9pm to 11pm. if you don’t go in those time frames, i’m. pretty sure the tickets were 20 euros each at the gate, and they range from 10+ online! check them out here.

location: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5, 08001 Barcelona

other gaudí creations i hope to see one day:

  • casa mila

  • casa batlló

  • casa vicens

  • cölonia güell

by the time you finish you’re going to want something to eat.

after we went to park güell we went back into town for dinner. we didn’t have the best of luck finding food in barcelona, but below are some options i heard were good from other blogs!

  • El Quim De La Boqueria

  • chök

  • El Nacional

  • El Xampanyet

  • maoz vegetarian

  • Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria)

  • la pepita

  • 7 Portes

  • Nomads

  • Tickets (i heard so much goodness about this place)!

that’s all on barcelona for now! if there is something specific you’d like me to cover, comment down below!

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