Commonflower Gatherings Takes Denver, CO

This fall, Commonflower Gatherings went to Denver, CO and it was nothing short of beautiful.

I decided these photos were too beautiful for you to not see them, so here's a recap go our gathering.

Commonflower gatherings was created to allow people to come together and connect over all things common. we realized that there was a shortage of networking events that were open to everyone of any kind and that made us a little sad. we created cfg so anyone can join their community, without any barriers, no matter what their passions are, and just simply showing up as themselves. when we focus on the fact that we’re all humans we find out we have way more in common than we could have ever imagined.

we honestly have way too much fun putting on each gathering. wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else!


ahhhh just so much beauty happened at this dinner. I hope you enjoyed looking at the recap as much as i did! click here if you want to follow along commonflower’s adventures! thanks for reading & hanging out.

xx, Kazmira