Gather & Dwell - GIVEAWAY!


A couple weeks ago I was at one of my favorite local coffee shops here in Nashville, Frothy Monkey. As I sipped my almond milk and vanilla coffee, I was getting lost in the hidden beauties of Instagram. That day, I stumbled upon Rachael and Jenn's feed, @gatheranddwell. WOW. I loved everything about it. 

The macrame glass hangers, prints, and most of all the metal signs (my favorite), all so amazing. They even have a coffee metal sign that the ladies hand letter into a piece of beauty, which I thought was very fitting since I stumbled upon their page while at a coffee shop. Anyways, after I saw the coffee sign, I knew it was meant to be. As I continued to Insta stalk, I realized that their art would be so perfect in any sort of space. The amount of life they can bring to a room is actually incredible, and goes perfectly with the name, Gather & Dwell.  

Rachael and Jenn began creating these beautiful signs and prints because of the gathering and dwelling that we often forget to do. They create these pieces for the place you wish, to remind you to live an intentional life, and I know I can personally use that reminder from time to time. They work to inspire you, me, us; to gather with friends and loved ones that you don't see enough, maybe even over a delicious treat (like an apple pie). Because at the end of the day, Rachael and Jenn express that the best reason to gather is no reason at all. I couldn't agree more. 

I love having no reason to gather with a group of people I love. In fact, whenever I do, I can feel my soul smile! Now, it's time for YOUR heart and soul to smile! After falling in love with Gather & Dwell, I knew that you would love to have a metal sign of theirs to fill your space. Perhaps it's time to gather with your close ones and dwell over a cup of coffee

NOW is your chance to WIN! 

Coffee Metal Sign  by Gather & Dwell

Coffee Metal Sign by Gather & Dwell

Gather & Dwell and I have joined together to inspire you to live an intentional life. With that in mind, it's time for a GIVEAWAY. Get yourself entered for a chance to win a "coffee" metal sign beautifully created by the hands of Rachael and Jenn of Gather & Dwell. 

Here is what you have to do to enter:

  1. Go to my feed, @thewildflowerwords
  2. Find the post that looks like the photo above (entry details included)
  3. Follow @gatheranddwell@thewildflowerwords
  4. Tag 2 friends in the comments

BOOM - that's it, you are entered to win! The giveaway is 6/26-6/30 and the winner will be announced on 7/1.

p.s. enter as many times as you want!!!

If you're not the lucky winner this time around, don't worry, more giveaways will be coming soon! Be sure to checkout Gather & Dwell on Insta and Etsy, and good luck not buying all the home decor beauty! 

Love ya, wildflower. Good luck and go enjoy a cup of coffee.
xx - Kazmira

Textiles: Evan's Shirt (I hated my closet this day), Alex and Ani, MGDY Design - Herkimer Diamond Bracelet & 

Photography: Evan Davies Photography, Gather & Dwell (sign)