Welcome to My Story

A free spirit. Uncultivated by the main stream. Independent thinker. Bravely growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity. 

I just adore floral murals (Detroit, MI) 

I just adore floral murals (Detroit, MI) 

In this world I am a wildflower, and I am here to share my words with you. Throughout my life I have always been told that I was blessed with a purpose in life and that I am special. I'm still not quite sure what people mean by saying that, so it's important you know that I am on a life journey with you. I feel that each one of us is placed in the world with a purpose. Not everyone may know what that purpose is just yet and I know I am not 100% sure what mine is, but I find the stressful journey of life beautiful. As I continue to go on my personal journey, one thing I have realized is  that I am a wildflower in this world. 

After debating for over a year whether or not I should start a blog, the time has come and the stars seem to be aligning. My spirit and passion lies within every aspect of 'The Wildflower Words.' Throughout the past years of my life I have been able to learn more about myself and my passions. Whether it may be travel talk, day-to-day things, a new yoga flow and reflection, or a convo about how I am piecing together my closet, I live to motivate people in everything they think they "can't" do. I live for moments when the incredible individuals that pass through or stay in my life realize their beauty.

The Wildflower Words is here to do exactly that - inspire those who dream of being a wanderer but need that extra push to book a flight, to help out those who are on their life journey to seek their purpose through the practice of yoga, and to help out on a Monday morning when you're trying to find the perfect outfit. Oh and of course to be a distraction when you are supposed to be completing a "to-do" list that has been sitting on your desk for a week. 

I am here to be YOUR friend, and I hope you can reflect with the words I share and feel welcomed with a warm hug. I know The Wildflower Words is going to be filled with magic because of you and I hope you stick around as we journey through life together, as a group of wildflowers.

xx - Kazmira

Do you want me to talk about something specific?  Do you want to know more about my journey? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear!