Blogging Is Harder Than You Think

Just a quick shout out to the bloggers out there.

I am currently facing a writers block because it's been a while. Give me a minute. 

Okay, it's time. Since I started The Wildflower Words in June life has been a tornado, but ya know, that's just life. The balance of life, relationships, the pups, and me, all while trying to be an adult has been the furthest from easy. I let blogging slip away, and it happened so quickly because it was demanding more out of me than I could give. There were plenty of nights I would come home and have words I wanted to get out, but my brain wasn't able to put them together. The day-to-day tasks of being a human took over. No, it's not a good excuse, it's more so a reality check.

So, here I am back at it and truly appreciating the bloggers out there that make it look so easy. Blogging is honestly only possible if you are dedicated and passionate about what you are sharing with the world. If you have the opportunity to fully indulge and dive on in, it will be a full time job. If you work full time already, it will be extremely hard to be dedicated, but you can definitely do it. Don't go scrolling through Instagram thinking all these incredible bloggers are just good at posting photos, and that's why they have a lot of followers. Blogging isn't for everyone, and the demand is much deeper than what you see on the surface. That being said, no one starts a blog with the intention to have it end after four posts. That definitely wasn't my plan. The words I share and inspire with you are genuine and straight from the heart. 

I can honestly say that all of me is dedicated to this blog, but these past couple months I was simply lacking dedication to myself. I started The Wildflower Words with the intention to grow with other people going through similar parts of life. To inspire every single person who came across my words in some way, shape, or form. I started this blog to feel full and loved by myself, to create a space where I can connect with friends and strangers over things I thoroughly enjoy. Although I may not enjoy each and every moment, I grow from every experience.  

I simply let that go. I let go of sharing my light with the world, and asking myself what I need to feel fulfilled. I let go of setting aside time to do something that allows me to feel acknowledged and understood, on a personal level. I am back and I'm here to continue to share my words with you, in hopes of inspiring you to do something that you've always dreamt of. Or, as cliche as it sounds, to inspire you to do something you've always been afraid of doing.   

You are stronger than your toughest challenge.

Love yourself through it, continue to fill yourself with gratitude, tell yourself thank you, and you will grow as a wildflower. 

xx - Kazmira