Meet Forrest

14 weeks old, 23 pounds - puppy or small human? 

Forrest, the softest and most squishy golden retriever puppy joining our crew. 

More cute photos below..I know, soooo cute.

Let me tell you the story of how we ended up getting Forrest because it's pretty entertaining. So, I REALLY like surprises but I am not very great at them. Evan and I had planned to drive to Michigan for Labor Day weekend to surprise my parents, but long story short - I spilled the beans. 

Rewind to two weeks prior to driving home. I have been slowly convincing Evan that our life won't go up in shambles if we get another puppy. Telling him how I have dreamt of having a little nugget, golden retriever puppy, as long as I can remember. The time was never right because I grew up with the most amazing dog, Reese, who recently passed at the age of 17 (impressive I know). But really is the time ever right to get a puppy? I don't think so. So what better time to get him other than Labor Day weekend on a spur of the moment road trip to Michigan? haha.

Fast forward back to Labor Day weekend.  On our road trip from Nashville to Michigan, I kept repeating myself to Evan, reminding him that we are driving through a few states! Hint hint..who knows we may find the perfect puppy in one of those states. We get to my home with just us and Finn, our OG pup that we have had for a year, and no plans to get a puppy. That changed relatively quickly when I stumbled upon Forrest online. He was 14 weeks and no one had snatched him up yet (still unsure why).


So I was texting back and forth with his owner at the time, which just so happened to be the night before we left to drive back to Nashville at 7:30 AM. I had been searching for the perfect little nugget in each state we were going to be driving through on the way back to Nashville, and I had a feeling that he was going to become ours. Well turns out I was right. Our drive home definitely had a bit of a plot twist - Evan and I decided to drive an hour out of the way in Ohio to go look (obviously we were going to take him - who just looks?!) at Forrest. Three and a half hours into the drive we stop to see Forrest.

On the way there we were getting very excited and began to think of names for him as if he was already ours (cause duh). We started to talk about how we should give him a name that has to do with nature because we love to be outdoors. Forrest was the name that popped into our heads, and quickly after that, we were driving on gravel roads in the middle of the forest. Fitting right? We then stop, looked and laughed at each other because we couldn't believe we were actually going to get another dog. Then, we finally made it to the little nugget. At first we were handed his brother to hold, and my word was he a cutie too. He was definitely a talkative one though, and we decided that he wasn't for us considering that we already have a crazy pup. Honestly though, if I could, I would take them all. So that left us with the only other boy, which was Forrest. 

Forrest was the rut of the litter that sat and just chilled in the corner chewing on a stick and hid behind the trees. When we got to hold him, we knew he was the perfect pup we have been looking for, and let's face it we all knew we were going to come home with one! He was and still is the snuggliest, softest, sweetest, and squishiest golden I have ever come across. We were holding and playing with him, and then Evan and I look at each other with that face that totally says "oh my word, he is perfect, we are actually doing this." But first, let me fill you in on how unprepared we were.

We weren't able to let Finn and Forrest meet to make sure they got along well (they have been best friends since day one). We had no cash to get Forrest, so we had to run to the closest ATM which was 7 miles away. No collar or leash, so we had to make our destination the first Petco we came across in Nashville (we got there 30 minutes before they closed). No kennel. No toys. So you get the point. This wasn't planned, but man are we happy that we got him.

Fast forward through the remaining eight and a half hours in the car with Forrest on my lap. We get to Petco, we get everything settled, and we show him that his kennel is his new bed. I was up rather early, 3 AM to be exact, because he wasn't really sure what was going on. Needless to say, that happened for a solid week, and my alarm became Forrest at 6 AM. Evan and I quickly became the best puppy and kennel cleaners out there, and our potty smelling skills definitely advanced.

Look at his tiny little teeth....SO cute! 

After a month of having the little nugget, he is already almost as heavy as Finn (40 pounds). He is still the most snuggly and loveable pup, and he's definitely the star of the show anywhere we go (other than Finn of course). I am so thankful to have him and definitely thankful to have Evan by my side through the puppy process. We are still learning to hold our potty (please learn ASAP Forrest) but learned how to sit and lay down in the meantime. Finn and Forrest are BFF's and tire each other out all the time (muahaha...our plan is working). Forrest has lost a few teeth, which has been an interesting experience, but it's been nothing but a good time! I have become the crazy dog mom that created an Instagram account for Finn and Forrest, but how can pictures of them not make you smile?! I mean, come on. 

I swear, they really are BFFs. 

Follow me and @finnandforrest on Instagram to follow their adventures and probably Evan and I's struggles as puppy owners. I bet there's more coming our way!