My passion project:

I know, as if I don’t already do enough, but who can say no to flowers? upon moving back home to detroit in July, I decided that I was going to start a little flower cart. how did I think of it you may ask, well i’m not sure. I have always had this idea of having a flower truck in my head, but I always laughed it off until the last time I visited before moving back to Michigan. I remember one night at dinner my family and I accidentally planned out how I can have it done in a year. well, if you know anything about me it’s that i’m rather impatient. fast forward a few months and BOOm, I am moved home and have Evan on building this cutie thing.

essentially, sol & seed was started to brighten up someones day & bring the joy back into flowers. I feel like flowers were becoming more of a ritual versus an intentional gesture, so I wanted to bring them back to life a bit. throughout the summer I rolled my little cart around my favorite spots of detroit, and in all honestly i’d like to say I made a lot of people happy. people in the city are thriving over it’s growth, and my little flower cart in front of the coffee shop, restaurant, whatever it is - makes a heck of a lot of people smile even more. coming to the cart, you can pick out each flower you like individually to create your own bouquet. I went this route because I wanted the bouquet to 100% be you. i’m letting sol & seed become whatever god plans for it to become - weddings, parties, deliveries. we will have to see what’s in store, but i’m forever grateful for everyone who loves on this project of mine. please contact us for anything to do with flowers here!

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